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I have a RAPTOR swashplate with considerable fiction that worry me. I have verify that the fiction does not come from dog leg or washout. It is make from half metal/plastic.

-- Jackson Ng (, February 02, 2000


Sir; If you are talking about the friction of the swash moving on the main mast (vertical) remove all the links and try it - if still stiff you may need to polish the mast slightly. If you have excessive friction only with the links hooked up, then look for any links that are too tight, or check the bolts/bushings(or bearings) on the upper mixer arms. If the friction is in the side to side or fore-and-aft cyclic tilt, them it is a tight link somewhere that needs a gentle "squeeze" with needle nose pliers to make fit smoother.

-- Eric Hawkinson (, February 02, 2000.

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