God's Abundant Grace for Sinners

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Today I have a question for you on God's Abundant Grace. What is Grace to you? How does he show this to sinners? Is it for the unrepented also? Yours in Christ, Pastor Christopher Lindemann <'(((><

-- Pastor Christopher Lindemann (sanctified@softhome.net), February 02, 2000


What is Grace--Under grace, God does not treat men as they deserve, but He treats them in infinite grace, without reference to their deserts, unmerited favor is grace. The payment we owe has been paid, for the sinner by the Son of God.

He shows this to sinners--while we were yet in sin Christ died for us.

For the unrepented?? This one gets me. My belief is that we must repent of sin to be accepted in the Beloved. There are those who say no. Jesus said lest we repent we shall likewise perish. This part has got me.


-- Janet Hensley (saltnlight4@net1plus.com), March 12, 2000.

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