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Traders complain of non-delivery of telephone bills By Our Staff Reporter

KARACHI, Jan 31: The business community of M. A. Jinnah Road has complained in large numbers against the non-delivery of telephone bills.

An open kachehry held by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) at the Central Telegraph Office (CTO) telephone exchange branch on Friday found that 99 per cent of the complaints lodged by the subscribers, mainly small traders, related to the non-delivery of telephone bills.

The public meeting, chaired by the CTO director and participated by divisional engineers, verified that while the addresses given by the subscribers were correct they were not receiving the bills issued to them. Consequently, 990 duplicate telephone bills were issued on the spot.

The subscribers complained they had to pay late surcharge for no fault of their own. At the same time, their telephones were made one way for failing to pay on time.

The CTO locality, based in Southern Telecommunications Region-11, is being serviced solely by the post office. Unlike the courier services which are required to provide delivery receipts, the post office gives no guarantee of 100 per cent delivery of telephone bills.

On the other hand, PTCL sources alleged an open kachehry held earlier last week in another part of STR-11 (serviced by courier companies) received complaints from subscribers that the money they had lost in the Moldova scam was never refunded.

However, at that open kachehry held last Monday at Illaco House officials reportedly received no such complaints against non-delivery of telephone bills.

Presently, the post office is delivering 56 per cent of the phone bills issued by the PTCL while 44 per cent of delivery is undertaken by the courier services.

Although PTCL pays Rs2.50 for delivery of each phone bill (as against Rs1.35 paid to courier companies), it has been reluctant to hand over delivery entirely to the four courier companies because of the loss of revenue to the government. Complaints against non-delivery of telephone bills are, however, resulting in long queues at the main Customer Service Centres at CTO, Awami Markaz and Rimpa Plaza.

PTCL officials said in view of the non-delivery of phone bills in CTO telephone exchange, they were considering an investigation into the delivery of telephone bills by the Pakistan Post Office.

Conversely, they said a PTCL official could be deputed exclusively in the billing section of the CTO exchange to track down the bottlenecks which prevented the delivery of telephone bills to subscribers.

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-- Carl Jenkins (, February 01, 2000


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