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The Inside Story on Market Manipulation

In an answer to a query on an earlier thread, this link details the recent manipulators and their means of manipulation of the gold market and by extension the interest rate, currency and stock market.

-- Bill P (, February 01, 2000


People who post article like the link above watch too much cheap TV and James Bond.

Generally speaking, those who whine about "market manipulation" are those who received a grade of "loser" in their personal investment choices. The alternative is to say, "I was wrong", and this board is proof of what a rare statement that is.

If MY investments crap out, I was wrong--not some outside evil manipulating force.

See; it's easy to say. An assortment of posters here should practice saying it with me.

-- Imso (, February 01, 2000.

Bill P:

Thanks for your link. An outstanding addition. One question: How could the FED *not* know about the manipulation of these markets (precious metals, currencies, stock market)?

-- bz (, February 01, 2000.

See; it's easy to say. An assortment of posters here should practice saying it with me.

Okay, here goes. Regarding the manipulation of gold prices, you're wrong. How's that?

-- Steve Heller (, February 01, 2000.


TOLD you it was hard. The phrase is, "I am wrong."

"You are wrong" is easy.

Thanks for proving my point.

-- I'mSo (, February 01, 2000.

Mr/Mrs/Other Imso,

Clearly you are either misinformed or deliberately trying to discredit and spread half truth disinformation. If you choose to see the above as a whine that is your right, but I could not care one iota what you think. You demonstrate a lack of objectivity in your attack on a messenger instead of debating the message.

Just in case you are uninformed, this issue is being investigated by the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. This is news! And I don't see it being covered (nor do I expect to see it covered) at all by the mainstream media. Mr. Greenspan, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank (equivalent to a quasi-US Central Bank), and Mr. Summers, US Secretary of Treasury, have both reponded on the record regarding manipulation of the gold and foreign currency markets. The Congressional investigations are to determine if there has been a violation of US antitrust law as in collusion.

For me, I will wait and see whether this case has merit or not. Most educated people would wait until the facts are established before they attempt an emotional and baseless attack.

For the record, I currently do not have any investments in the gold futures or foreign currency markets. I do like the physical, especially silver.

My name and email are real. It must be nice to make personal attacks while hiding behind a bogus/fake name and address.

-- Bill P (, February 01, 2000.

Mr Bill

Too many kooks on this board to not hide behind an alias; in general the issues are best left public anyway...In any case, you must recognize that an "attack" on a publicly posted message is an attack on the content of the message and not the character of the poster.

The reader can read your link and decide where the half-truth is, and it's OK if you don't care what I think.

The US Senate and Congress investigate a great many things; it isn't a place whose investigation of something carries a particular weight of truth for me, unfortunately.

I am unmoved by complaints of market manipulation in gold, stocks, oil, or any other item. Of course they are manipulated, on micro and global scales. When I buy my little piece of investment, I am doing my little bit to send the price up. What I am ridiculing in my reply is the inference I took from the article that there is some grand scheme out there depriving the broad public. No market, free or otherwise, has ever been able to avoid "insiders" and whining about that fact transfers responsibility away from the individual. The due diligence is this: if your research shows gold to be an unfair market, STAY AWAY. Don't invest and then whine when it isn't manipulated in the direction you bet on. Just admit you made a bad choice and move on. The Hunt brothers, of course, made this point nicely when they tried to corner the market on silver.

Regards, and BTW; I think gold IS a ridiculous and manipulated market. Caveat emptor when you spend your money investing.

-- Imso (, February 02, 2000.

TOLD you it was hard. The phrase is, "I am wrong."

"You are wrong" is easy.

Thanks for proving my point.

Okay, show us how to do it. Admit you were wrong about gold manipulation. Go ahead, you can do it: say "I was wrong; gold is manipulated".

-- Steve Heller (, February 02, 2000.


I was wrong if my original post left you the impression I don't think there is any manipulation of any markets. I'm sorry.

What I was trying to point out is that those who blame this "manipulation" for their investment failures are naive, and a better approach is take responsibility for where to put your money, instead of blaming market manipulation. EVERY stakeholder in a market wants to manipulate it up; every one shorting a market wants to manipulate it down. Every government; every influential body; every leader has a range of both personal and public and fiduciary interests.

The theme on this board frequently represents those "manipulations" as some sort of secret grand conspiracy instead of the net effect of those cumulative interests, and it as at this point I say, "hooey" to the whiners. Open your eyes; learn about markets, and stop whining. There is no grand conspiracy; no all-encompassing secret cabal. Governments, market makers, and personal investors are all in there duking it out with supply and demand. That's why it's called a free market. And by far the greatest amount of crying about "manipulation" comes from those who are net losers in their investments.

I was wrong to give you any other impression.

-- Imso (, February 02, 2000.

I was wrong to give you any other impression.

Thank you for clearing that up. Now, as for me: I've already admitted that I was wrong about what would happen at rollover. See, I can do it too!

-- Steve Heller (, February 02, 2000.

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