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I've been watching this unfold, and when I went back to take another look at a post I'd seen, it wasn't there anymore!

It took me a while to find it -- it's still on the machine (for now, at least), but they removed it from the index!

Paging George Orwell, YOO HOO!!!!

Hey, don't take MY word for it, check it out for yourself!

Go to and you'll see -- unless they delete the file too!


Oh, and don't forget to verify that it's NOT on the index!

Now that we know they're revising history, I guess we can't put anything past them.

So SAVE a copy of the message, and SAVE a copy of the index too!

-- Sluggo (sluggo@your.head), February 01, 2000


Now that I think about it, I wonder if maybe the -first- time I saw it was when I was browsing the directory? Yes, they have that directory set to allow browsing, so I presume they're OK with people browsing it. (I stumbled onto it one time when entering a message URL and hitting ENTER too soon.)

If so, it's got even -more- sinister implications -- it -could- mean that they -quietly- set up filters to simply "evaporate" posts from certain people.

But what stumps me -- if that's the case -- is that they let -other- people who were, shall we say, not on board with their program -- post away.

So what could have motivated them to quietly filter Freddy One? (Again, presuming that it's what actually happened.)

All I can come up with is that -he- was the guy -- oafish dork that he is -- that told everyone how to use that proxy server to protect themselves from spiteful attacks from the broomies.

Maybe we'll never know what happened... but it sure is weird!

-- Sluggo (sluggo@your.head), February 01, 2000.

You still here Ron?

Try switching your medication to something that is opium based.

You are a washed up, sick, loser; who can't seem to stop. You are a miserable invalid who is as obsolete as your out of print book, and you are very alone and pathetic in this world.

Stop shitting on us, its not our fault that you hate women, and havent been able to get it up since the 80's.

While your at it, lose some weight, instead of wining to everyone about your misfortunes all day (boo hoo hoo); you weigh as much as a whale in heat, how surprised are we you need a bed pan by your misery transmitter (computer)?

You are supposedly *for* this sight, and its purpose, but continue to trash it everywhere else on the internet. Go and try to write a more competent, accurate book instead, and *THIS* time, you wont have Ib around to do all the work for you, you sick putz.

Now have the last word, you drugged, broken, undignified slug, since you know its all you'll ever have. let er rip.....

-- your friend til the END (a@b.c), February 01, 2000.

oh, and add don't forget to add this to your file

-- your friend till the END (a@b.c), February 01, 2000.

I see you people are still swinging blindly at everything that moves.

Your obsession with "outting" everyone who won't kiss your ass -- combined with your blindly mis-targetting one victim after another -- is apt to catch up with you some day. Psychopathic stalkers -do- get arrested from time to time.

Rage like you demonstrate just ain't good for you either. Medical research is fairly explicit on how it rips the -hater- apart little by little.

I noticed that your bunch accused each of your critics of being "RC", "Netghost", and a list of others. I guess to an engraged pack of losers on a vengeance rampage, everyone is everyone. All "doomers" look alike to you, huh? Kill 'em all and let Charlie sort 'em out?

You don't know who I am, and I don't know who you are.

The big difference is that I don't CARE who you are.

Be careful with your hatred and your threats -- and think twice before acting out your pathologies. You -might- just end up like the fool in the article below, who by the way reminds me quite a bit of your pack of lunatics.

-- Sluggo (sluggo@your.head), February 01, 2000.

Sluggo et. al.,

Would you people please just STOP it!?

Take the anger elsewhere, Sluggo. You've done a fair amount of abuse and harrassment, that is unacceptable anywhere on the net. Look to your own actions. POT-KETTLE-BLACK.

Pretty tacky behavior on both ends of the spectrum. It doesn't excuse *some* of the DeBunker spamming behavior, and it doesn't excuse yours.

Chill. (And I thought you said goodbye to this board?)

Stay if you can find your manners. Leave if you can't.


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 01, 2000.

Well said, Diane.

-- haha (, February 01, 2000.

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