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What is the effect of developing a color negative film using C-6 material?

-- ahmad hosni (, January 31, 2000


Hello Ahmad,

are you sure you mean C-6 since I do not know such a process. If you mean E-6 which is the reversal film process than you mihgt get wrong colours and slides with a low contrast. The effect depends on the film you are using.

Regards Wolfgang

-- Wolfgang (, April 19, 2000.

If E-6 is what you mean, you can process color negative film in E-6 chemicals. Here's what happens. Your final result will be positive, however, Wolfgang is correct when he says they will be low contrast and dark. The reasoning is in the developing and bleaching stages. The first developer in E-6 processing is actually a B&W developer. Afterwhich the film is fogged chemically with a reversal bath then redeveloped in color developer. The bleach agent in E-6 is quite different than C-41 bleach, which prohibits the fixer from doing its job properly. You might try overexposing your film at leat 1 to 1.5 stops and see if you get a better result.


-- Chris Tisinger (, April 20, 2000.

Thanks for the advice I did the same and got results that made my client jump with excitement. The skin tones are bright with lot of Orange cast and Blacks with more of blue. I was using 35mm fuji 100

-- Shreepad (, June 15, 2000.

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