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ABA fails to stop porn site....(segment)

THE Federal Government has conceded it is unable to act against a pornographic Web site that has circumvented Internet censorship laws by relocating to the United States while retaining an Australian Web address.

Teenager.com.au, operated by Melbourne-based Telechat, was the subject of an Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) takedown notice last week. The notice, issued under the Internet content regulation provisions of the Broadcasting Services Act, required the company to remove four pages of prohibited content from its site.

-------------------(end segment)

We are watching developing situation and post this here because of request by interested forum regulars. Sometimes I get a feeling Australia is a world test in censorship. Even though pornography is targeted others may find themselves harrassed. Use your imagination.

Regards from OZ (hot day today)

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net,au), January 31, 2000

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