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I subscribe to several financial/economy news gathering services ,and this group is more timely and accurate than all of them put together ,I think we are on to something great here.

Many thanks to all who contribute.


-- James (, January 31, 2000


Thank you James, really enjoy your $10,000 software assisted real-time tips you share with us.(grin)
I will keep trying to find international tidbits to add to the mix.

-- Possible Impact (, January 31, 2000.

That's why I'm not leaving.

-- Mara (, January 31, 2000.


I agree.

Although I've been mainly a lurker for several months, with only a couple of answers to postings, I very much appreciate the access this forum provides to a broad spectrum of opinion.

Thanks to all who remain and contribute.

Insight into today's significant Wall Street turn-around from earlier postings was appreciated.

D. Howard Rusling

-- D. Howard Rusling (, January 31, 2000.

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