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I have quite a challenge and wonder if anyone can help me. I am slated to facilitate "Revisiting Team Building" to Administrators and Directors for the City of St. Petersburg (approx. 50 men and women, including Mayor and City Administrator). It is a difficult group as they have "sort of" bought into teambuilding and do not like any touchy feely type exercises. I want them to buy in to the advantages of caring for one another, calling each other when one of them appears in front of council and has been lambasted, caring about what others are doing in their agencies, offering assistance and encouragement, etc. The magic word is "caring." I certainly do not want to lecture and am looking for any exercises that will help them understand what's in it for them and for the whole city organization. They are a group of Directors/Administrators of various agencies of the City who only get together at these monthly Mayor's Teambuilding Meetings.

Thanks for any exercises you can share.


-- kathy mellish (, January 31, 2000

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