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This is a special report by Don McAlvaney in which he does a good review of Y2K the first 30 days and identifies other potential threats worthy of your consideration.

I am aware of the criticism of McAlvaney by others, but in this report I think he is right on in identifying what went right and went wrong with Y2K in January 2000 and he has summarized serious threats that may yet be of greater imapct than Y2K.

-- Bill P (, January 31, 2000


Thanks. I've been wanting to see a follow up report.

-- Larry (, January 31, 2000.

Interesting. I'd like to hear from WW(Wild Weasel) and C4i for comments.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, January 31, 2000.

I've been reading your board for a few weeks now and have been wondering if any of you had read this piece by McAlvaney. I have been prepped, staying prepped and getting even more prepped because there are too many out there walking around unconscious and will need help. Take this for what it's worth to ya, but up until last February I was also unconscious. My inner voice told me to prepare, I didn't and got knocked on my butt in June with a very strong message of prepare. Y2k? I asked. No, something worse was the reply. So in consideration of events and enlightments of the truth since then, I spent less than $1,000.00, have been canning food steadily, buying blankets and other necessities at the Goodwill Store. Now it's a matter of watching, waiting and praying, especially for those unconscious sheople. By the way, those who thought I was being extreme never laughed or said I told you so after date roll over because they know from experience, I am rarely wrong when the inner voice speaks.

-- turkeylurkey (, January 31, 2000.

Sure turkeylurkey.......and someone elses inner voice completely contradicts what??

Your inner voice is likely your subconscious acting on information you have been brainwashing your self with. Eventually the inner voice cannot tell the difference between a real emergency or an imagined one. Basically, whatever you fill your mind with is what you become......

Your inner voice is for YOU and you alone turkeylurkey.....perhaps you are ill and your innervoice recognizes that you will be unemployed for 6 months because of this and should be prepared.....who knows......

However there is no greater fool than he who listens to someone elses inner voice!

-- Craig (, January 31, 2000.

Well...I'm not into inner voices, but I have been prepped for emergencies consistently since 1981. The stash ranges from 14 to 60 days depending on what is happening in the world and the state of my finances.

Being prepared for emergencies and/or times of hardship is just common sense. I do it because it is the prudent and responsible thing to do. Too many sheeple define personal emergency responsibility as waiting for the shelter to open.

-- Irving (, January 31, 2000.

Craig, I don't know what the motivation is for your attack on a total stranger. I know where my inner voice comes from and it seems that yours is the opposite source. Rage and anger over a simple message board post says alot about you.

-- turkeylurkey (, January 31, 2000.


thanks for sharing that post. The way I perceived your post is that perhaps your higher power was "speaking" to you. Those who are open- minded will understand and those who aren't, will scoff and call you a lunatic. It's happened before, of course, ie...Noah, Joan of Arc, etc.

There are not enough people in the world who listen to that "inner voice", especially their conscience. And no, I am not talking about the neighbor's dog, or voices in your head.


-- cin (, January 31, 2000.

Thanks, Cin. You hit the nail on the head. Craig is correct in his concept that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Our sub-consciences have been fed consistently with garbage and propaganda resulting in an ugly society. Garbage in - garbage out. I would like to believe that everyone comes into the truth in their own time. There's so much information out there you have to be careful which door you open. I know there's nothing wrong with my psyche. I will always extend a hand, especially to people like Craig because I am at peace and his reaction demonstrates he is not.

Craig, why don't you mark your calender for say, May 1 and let's see if anything has developed in the world to constitute an effect on us. I'll meet you back here at this message board.

-- turkeylurkey (, January 31, 2000.

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