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i am in at the end of my first week of bodyopus.i went all week and didnot cheat on my diet,although i thought i would enjoy my carbup,not so.i have drank so much glucose over the past 24 hrs,i dont know whats worse ketoss,or carb up.i did weigh in 219 and fri. i weighed 210 but i will gain some back this fri workout was a little bit shorter than i anticipated,only about 1.3hrs i was weak as hell,but i did see a little more vascularity,and if i flex really hard under the right lights, i can see my abbs under the layer of i am thinking of using a cycle of systanon 250 but,i kind of think i would not get a lot out of it with going into ketosiss during the week.i have never done steroids before but if i can put on a lil muscle what the hell.

-- jm (, January 30, 2000

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