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HI COUSINS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's been along time since there has been any activity on this old message board. How about we all bring each other up to date on who's doing what? We are all fine here in Plano TX. The kids are in school, soccer and scouts and we stay busy taking them to all of those activities. We caught a bit of the ice storm 5 days ago. We're finally above freezing today and it should all melt. We had a very pleasant Christmas open house at the home of newlyweds Darren and Sally Smith. They are expecting their first child this year, so everyone wish them well!! Hope you are all well and in good spirits!!.... Let us hear from you. The Malones

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2000


We've posted our Christmas letter on the web at


If you didn't get one in the mail, it's because we don't have your mailing address.

Since then, Meghan has returned to copllege and we've gotten back into a busy season. We've had lots of snow here in the last week, and have a major ice storm today (Sunday, 1-30-2000).

Talked with my dad today (his 72nd birthday), and he is actually thinking about getting a computer so he and Jeanne can stay in touch with their relatives with email, work on a family tree, etc. I have no idea how he got this bug, because as little as 2 months ago he told me he was not interested in a computer - not at all.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2000

Hello from Houston. We enjoyed the holiday season and, considering the Christmas gifts given to Jeremy and Corey from their Nana and Papa, now officially live in the house of plastic/singing/noisey toys. Unfortunately, Houston house design does not include a basement to throw/store these gifts, so our family room resembles Toys-R-Us. Corey seems to think that you have to listen to Rockin' Elmo and Rockin' Ernie simultaneously (singing different songs of course) to get that true Sesame Street Live effect. We are awaiting word from Dallas (Sally and Darren)on the birth of the next Goethals granchild (we think its going to be another boy)! Take care, Love Joe, Krista, Jeremy and Corey.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

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