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If i play a copy of a commercial vcd on my philips DVD710 i have all buttons and functions actived (chapter selection,ffwd,rwd,time elapsed,time remaining,etc...) but if i burn my own videocd whit nero or easycd the only thing i can do is 'pause' and 'play'. I have noticed that whit some videocd not made by me but not copy of commercials too (whit a windows software player called videopress lite inside) i can also use ffwd and rwnd buttons. Is this a burning software problem? whic software can allow me to burn vcd whit all that function actived? i use nero/easycd and no way to do anything that play/pause on my dvd player. i use simple video sequence project can i solve adding video menu? which software is used to burn commercial vcd like startrek5, the mask, and so on? which burning software includes videopress player in vcd?

-- frank goss (, January 30, 2000


The Problem is - the MPEG-stream has no Sequenzheader every GOP.

I have the same Problems ans searching for a Software that insert Sequenzheader without reencoding the VCDmpg File.

-- Stefan (, January 30, 2000.

Theoretically, XING mpeg encoder (standalone) could do the job. But I've noticed that, working on an existing Mpeg stream already coded for VCD, the insertion of Sequence Headers can raise the bitstream value too much. XING accepts also Mpeg inputs! But..... So after 60 minutes of encoding, you could get an error messages that says something like "I couldn't encode because bitstream value too high". And this is obvious, when the image to be re-encoded reaches the limit of VCD speed just in the source. But so goes the world. Keep on searching and let us know. :-) Brambus

-- Brambus (, January 30, 2000.

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