Y2k was not the problem

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South Africa's Y2K website (should establish relevance to Y2K):

text of defacement:

"Y2k was not the problem. But computer Security Is so much more important. Now listen here folks...We here at the b10zcrew have no bad intentions. But what if we go mad with all the phone switches, roots, and other hardcore stuff we 0wn. Dont you think peole will loose alot of money ? And a possible war can break out ? Computer security is crucial. THink about it. And all the new punks that is defacing aka #dorknet .. HEH...y0!.. Anyways free aKt0r...the b10zcrew was here...and we think it is time to skool the world about what is really going on in the scene. y0 Britney sPears...you look so fine . !!! heh had to greet her. This was done by freaky, I live in Bosnia . The South African Feds are welcome to come and catch me . Bye for now. fanmail goes to haxisrs@usa.net "

Something to think about, especially as we move toward removing the electronic divide the President referred to this week and after reading Mike's posting on banking security.

(another government) Hack- no pun ever intended!

-- another government hack (keepwatching_2000@yahoo.com), January 29, 2000


If you would like to receive a free Y2K newsletter on the latest glitches and computer crimes just send your name along with your email address. I hope to soon have a Web site.

-- Richard Markland (newsman@bright.net), January 30, 2000.

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