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just purchased a seal 200 drymount press but its going to need new pads, I need a name , e-mail address of any company or business I can order these from

thanks for your he

-- jerry smithson (, January 28, 2000


Jerry: I think Seal is still in business. Is there an address on the data plate of your press? You should be able to get pads from them. I have a seal press with worn pads, but I use two sheets of mat board top and bottom of the print and don't have any trouble. I tried to pull up the manufacturer on the net but with no luck. My data plate is gone. I don't know if Seal is the brand name of another manufacturer. Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, January 28, 2000.

Jerry, Seal is a division of Hunt corp.,they do have a website that should at least point you in the right direction. try:, you will see Seal appear. Larry

-- Larry Shearer (, January 28, 2000.

Jerry - I found this site and also this phone number on my owners manual: 203-729-5201


-- Jim Billups (, January 29, 2000.


I also just picked up a seal 200. I was able to clean and polish the platen with no problem but the pad has many years of accumulated gunk on it. I went to my local photo supplier ( Helix Camera of Chicago, IL )and was told a new pad would run me $109.00 usd! ! !

I decided it was much less expensive to use a couple of sheets of mat board as a "mounting sandwich". Of course this assumes there are no large pits or tears in your pad.

Hope this helps, -harry

-- Harry Pluta (, February 02, 2000.

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