A Plea For Brevity

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Lately there seems to be a greater number of verbose and tedious posts in places where a summary would have done nicely. I wouldn't dream of censoring anyone's right to speak, but please keep in mind that you will get your point across to so many more people if you keep it concise. Thank you.

-- Die Fledermaus (shadow@alliance.org), January 28, 2000


Thank you Fledermaus. My sentiments exactly.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), January 28, 2000.

Reminds me of the story my father told me about a college term paper he was assigned...50 pages, typed, double spaced, on the virtues of being brief!

Good point. Thanks for the post!

-- Irving (irvingf@myremarq.com), January 28, 2000.

True ;-)

-- Jim (jimed@iglobal.net), January 28, 2000.

Edit your cut-and-pastes.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), January 28, 2000.

Sehr richtig,Herr Doktor!!

-- Liberator (Feeding@the Trough.com), January 28, 2000.

Just attempt to be more laconic and less loquacious.

-- rb/tc (x@y.zzz), January 28, 2000.

eschew obfuscation

-- (RUOK@yesiam.com), January 28, 2000.


-- Possible Impact (posim@hotmail.com), January 28, 2000.

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