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I am looking for a flash for my FT1 I dose not need to be a Konica make as long as it is dedicated. Also a cable release . And a small tele lens . and a owners manual

Thanks Scott

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2000


FT-1 Accessories.


Today, your choices for a dedicated flast are basically, the X-24 Konica unit and various Sunpak models that dedicate via their Konica Module. The X-24 is available readily for <100 dollars, usually about half that. I paid $45 at a local camera shop. Just be wary of the battery door which breaks easily and id the weak point of this unit. Thay work very well.

For a small tele, you can do no better than the 135mm f3.2 Hexanon. This is one of the finest lenses of this length, and the closest focusing. They are readily available for <60 dollars on ebay or from Woodmere and cameta Camera on the web.

The cable release is an electronic release. They are scarce. They appear on eBay from time to time. Expect to pay at least 60 dollars from this.

Greg Weber gweber@teknetwork.com has reprints of the FT-1 manual available. They also show up on eBay, but are really sought after. The copy works just as well.


-- Anonymous, January 29, 2000

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