OT: Stock Market, an amazing, sideways January 2000

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Dow -187 to 10841

Nasdaq -108.21

S&P -26

It's been a volatile month and so goes the rest of the year?

-- a watcher (fyi@no.access), January 28, 2000


Must be all the excitement from the President's State of the Union Address last night - snooze!

Plunge Protection Team must be asleep at the wheel, or on long weekend!

-- (snowleopard6@webtv.net), January 28, 2000.

FOMC MEETING next week.Just shaking out the weak money.Digging in the cleats,waiting for start pistol!!!

-- racer (waitin@thetrough.com), January 28, 2000.

The Great dot COM shakeout is in full swing...20,000 Startups can't possibly be right!

-- Z (Z@Z.Z), January 28, 2000.

All the kings and queens are at the take over the world meeting at Deveros (sp?) Switzerland...

-- Don (Donst@Hotmail.com), January 28, 2000.

Stocks for penny, stocks for a penny! Get your stocks right here!

-- Okie Dan (brendan@theshop.net), January 28, 2000.

Okie Dan, give me a hundred of those penny stocks and before long I will be a millionaire. Like I always said there's a sucker born evey minute. Or was that PT Barnum?

-- TERRY MILLS (amills@rabbittbrush.com), February 06, 2000.

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