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Few question do you all think DONA is the best program to get certified thru? Are there other groups that certify Doulas? If so who are they and who is the best to be associated with? Thank you

-- courtney delaura (, January 28, 2000


I am a DONA certified doula for 5 years, and it always elicits respect wherever I mention it. DONA is the original and has Penny Simkin and she is so highly thought of. I thing ICEA now has a program as well, but I would still go with DONA.

-- Alison Langley (, January 29, 2000.

You can be certified by ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), as well. They also offer a certification to be a Childbirth Educator. Look into all of your options before you decide. ALACE's number is 617-441-2500. Their address is PO Box 382- 724; Cambridge, MA 02238. They don't have a running web page yet but will in the future at good luck

-- sarah bortt (, March 07, 2000.

Hi Courtney- I think which certifying organization is best depends on you. Both DONA and ALACE are different. The content is about the same but how they look at it appears different, to me. Does that make sense? I adore both of the organizations. I took both of the trainings. DONA is wonderfully mainstream and is helping with us being able to bill insurance companies for our services. ALACE seems to have no fear in believing that nature knows best. I don't mean that DONA doesn't trust the process just that they want to be politically correct and would rather not make vibes. I'm sure ALACE doesn't want to cause waves with careproviders but their doulas learn about how nature knows best. OOOOH, I hope I didn't say anything that could be misunderstood. Like I said, I love both organizations. Get in touch with all of them and see what group fits you. Maybe ICEA is best for you, who knows?!


-- Kirsten Gerrish (, March 17, 2000.

.Hi Courtney. I have taken both the DONA and ALACE training workshops. Actually I took them one week apart from each other. Both were incredable. I would recommend either one. I decided to finish my training with ALACE partly because I am also doing childbirth ed. with them as well. If you want more info about the specifics please send me an email. Also Birth Works is doing a doula training as well. You can reach them at or 888-TO-BIRTH Kristi

-- kristin bodick (, May 14, 2000.

Courtney, Don't rule out Birthing From Within either. Thier program sounds awesome to me! I am certified through DONA, and also took the ALACE training - which btw is the original, it's been training labor support professionals since since 1985 I think.

-- Lesley Nelson, CD, ICCE (, May 25, 2000.


Don't forget about CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). THey are really good as well.


-- Elizabeth Seibert (, September 28, 2002.

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