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Bills in the mail after computer problems cause delays

Friday, January 28, 2000

Associated Press

BRADENTON - Utility bills are finally in the mail for 20,000 Manatee County customers a month late after changes intended as Y2K fixes caused problems.

The new Manatee County Public Works system was spitting out water, sewer and garbage bills with unrelated and incorrect data.

The blunders included mobile home park residents' bills, which charged individual homeowners for the amount of water used by the entire park.

For the first time this week, the county's new computers began producing accurate bills, said David Brangaccio, county fiscal services manager.

The new computers were installed in an attempt to avoid problems caused by the switchover to the year 2000.

County officials said customers won't see a massive charge when the bill arrives - the amount will be spread over future bills.

If the system continues to operate correctly at its current pace, the 70,000 bills for the month of December should all be mailed to county residents soon, he said.

-- Homer Beanfang (, January 28, 2000

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