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How do you think the story Rip Van Winkle is symbolized by the changing of American society.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2000


Well, the short version of this is to simply say that once Rip woke up, things were faster paced and more hectic. The old tree that everyone gathered around was gone. The old men who sat around and read the old news and told everyone what to think were gone. Even many of the old houses, Rip's included, were gone. Before, when England governed everything from far away, government and politics weren't important. Now, they are on everyone's mind, and the wrong answer about your political views is enough to get you in trouble. America is now younger, faster, more vibrant. Rip used to just be lazy. Now he represents the "old" way of things to all the younger people. After all, his son is just like him, and they don't see his son as being a "village elder and wise man," do they?

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

Society changed completely from the time that Rip fell asleep and when he woke up. The country became independent and was conducting elections and everyone was happy to take part in their government. Rip was used to leaving it all uo to the King of England. But as the story goes on Rip also changes, he starts to get involved in the lives of the people around him and before he didn't seem to care. His son seemed to take Rip's old spot in society though. I think that society changed dramatically during Rip Van Winkle's nap.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2000

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