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Sorry, this isn't a large format question but I am a large format person & I'm sure that someone out there will be able to help. I've aquired a heated press. The press area is 25"x25". I understand that the previous owner used it for producing canvas finish prints and I would appreciate any advice on how to use it and what materials are needed. If anyone also knows where to buy the materials (in the U.K.) this would also be a big help. It will be used for colour prints and for RC mono prints. Many thanks,

Garry Edwards

-- Garry Edwards (, January 27, 2000


The canvas part of this response is pure conjecture, but it sounds as though they may have used some sort of metal plates with a canvas pattern embossed on them to cause an impression on the paper. -- In the meantime, if it is a press with two flat metal surfaces and they are good and clean and smooth it should make an excellent dry mount press.

-- Tony Brent (, January 30, 2000.

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