What happened to Evening Help sessions?

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I'm wondering whether we could revive the evening help sessions that were available for chm 103? I've found that real-time interaction with either a TA or instructor, as opposed to posting messages, is often more helpful because if the answer to a question still leaves one confused, a student can ask elaborating questions at that moment. Dialogue is the way *par excellence* for getting a grip on difficult concepts.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2000


This isn't to say that the bulletin board should be discarded or suffer disuse...

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2000

Yes, I fully agree with Chris on this matter. As nice as the BB is for asking little questions or querks in terms of understanding new concepts or problems from my experience the best way is through interactions with a professor or a TA. I would also like to see evening extra help sessions implemented. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2000

I totally agree with Chris as well. So when is the help sessions?

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000

I also feel that the extra help sessions are very beneficial. (At least last semester they were) Please consider offering them again, many would appreciate this.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2000

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