OT? The Internet is only five years old

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...according to John Elway (some slackjawed meathead jock), bigwig at mvp.com, on CNBC.

I never knew that!

-- Sluggo (sluggo@your.head), January 27, 2000


Yeah, and Al Gore invented the internet!

Sigh. Don't these people remember the 1960s?

-- (notawake@myhouse.com), January 27, 2000.

Most people think of the World Wide Web when they hear Internet, and browsers as we know them really are a product of the 90's, so he isn't all that far off (to those people that don't know what ARPA stands for.)

-- walt (walt@lcs.k12.ne.us), January 27, 2000.

notawake, I was thinking the same thing!

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), January 27, 2000.

Heck, it was DARPANET when I was first on-line, back in those high- speed days of 1400 baud modems and ASR-35 teletypes.



-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), January 27, 2000.

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