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When I view course notes from the chemistry home page, some of the equations (the embedded Mathtype 4.0 objects) appear "jumbled" and unreadable. Not all, but a few, and unfortunately, I can't read the equations. The problem is from equations 1.1 to 1.11 especially. How can this be corrected?

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2000


The most likely reason for the garbled equations is that some of the necessary fonts are not installed on the computer that you are using. You can get these fonts from CLARC. This problem should not occur on any of the computers in the CLARC area. Please, let me know if they do. In principle, things should also work from ResNet. If they don't, the problem can probably be fixed by a ResNet consultant, who would come to your dorm room, install a missing MS-Word browser or something like that.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

Jason Wagner wrote: Dear friends, here a good advice from the CLARC manager, Mr. Wagner, concerning printouts of the Notes:

Good evening,

I will look into the printing problem immediately. In the interim, you may want to suggest that the students try to do "Select All" under the "Edit" menu before printing. This should include all of the items on the page being displayed. When I have new information, I will be in touch.

Best wishes,

Jason Wagner

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2000

the diagrams in the lecture notes don't show up. there are just boxes with a square circle and triangle. is anyone else having this problem?

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2000

My pictures are also not showing up. This is a very common problem with other fellow chemistry students on my hall. Don't fret.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

I've tried to print out copies of the lecture notes at CLARC and i'm still unsuccessful in getting all the diagrams printed out as well as clear formulas for some of them. Can anyone help?

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

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