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Chemex, Inc., a California Corporation, was founded in Bakersfield, California in 1978. Initial operations included the manufacture of new oil & gas production equipment, and the development and sale of oil field production chemicals.

As a result of diminishing crude supplies in landlocked locations, tougher environmental regulations, and reformulation specifications for USA motor fuels, many North American refineries have ceased operations. Recognizing an opportunity, Chemex redirected its focus to the procurement of quality used refineries, refinery equipment, and oil and gas equipment for the purpose of refurbishment and reinstallation. Operations now include dismantling, selling, and exporting surplus refinery units and refinery/process equipment to overseas clients. From a project development standpoint the advantages are primarily two-fold: 1) cost savings 2) time savings.

Chemex currently has several complete refineries in inventory and many individual process units. Additional equipment inventory, including individual process components and general refinery equipment, is maintained at four locations: Bakersfield, California; Odessa, Texas; Crosby, Texas; La Porte, Texas.

As of 1997, the majority of the existing mini-refineries (1,000-10,000 bbls/day) have been refurbished and relocated to overseas applications. To keep pace with the demand for these units, Chemex has acquired a major share of a company that for 26 years has specialized in the design and manufacture of mini-refineries. Chemex now offers mini-refineries sized from 1,000 bbls/day to 12,000 bbls/day. These process units, specifically designed for efficient processing of various crudes into motor fuels and fuel oil, are unitized, skid-mounted, and crated for shipment. Chemex will contract to install and start up these units if required.

-- Y2kObserver (, January 26, 2000


Too late for these? Too many embeddeds?

Shell Europe Oil Products is offering refinery units and plant equipment for sale and removal from its Shell Haven (UK) and Sola (Norway) refineries, which are scheduled for closure.

The UK based Shell Haven is a complex refinery with a maximum intake of 14,000 tonnes/day (105,000 bbl/day). Sola is a semi complex refinery with a maximum 7,200 tonnes/day (55,000 bbl/day) intake.

Operational viewing is recommended. Interested parties should apply before the end October 1999 for Shell Haven and before end December 1999 for Sola.

Please contact Koos Fransoo for further details.

After decommissioning all of the refinery hardware in Shell Haven will be available by the end of Q1 2000. The Sola refinery equipment will be available at the end of Q2 2000.

-- Y2kObserver (, January 26, 2000.

I saw these popping up in Siberia. Rivers would freese up for most of the year and these remote oil operations wouldn't be able to get their diesel for the drilling rigs by river for 9 months of the year. They'd refine their own crude.

These are near as efficient enough to compete where's there's other supply but I'm surprised they didn't do some prerollover biz with you guys. ;)

-- Downstreamer (, January 26, 2000.

Bad night. These aren't near as efficient enough...

-- Downstreamer (, January 26, 2000.


By the title of your thread I thought you were going to tell me how I could refine crude in my backyard. :-)

They do that in Kentucky except they use corn as the feedstock and drink the distillate.

-- Bill P (, January 26, 2000.

Bill P,
Mini, is that the one where you add two pearl onions and shake the glass gently before serving?(grin)

-- Possible Impact (, January 27, 2000.

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