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Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of late social security payments this month? My mom's check is not here yet, five days after she was supposed to get it. She's more than a bit worried.


-- CD (, January 26, 2000


It is my understanding that the checks for SSI come out on the first of each month while the regular retirement and disability checks come out on the third of each month. Last month the feds moved it up to make sure they were in the banks before the rollover. Hope this helps.

-- David Whitelaw (, January 26, 2000.

I can report that this family's Grandma's direct deposits for S.S. & Federal Retirement (postmasters) were in the bank on schedule in the proper amounts (right after the new year).

So, if that function stays up (ability of .gov to will credits into place in people accounts) the direction I expect the economy to take is for those credits to buy less and less and less while the CPI figures are jiggered to keep cost of living allowances next to nothing. And Grandma eventually has to move in with a family member, just like I had figured for the worst outcome of Y2K

-- JIT (, January 26, 2000.

My mother get's hers around the time of her birthday each month. I guess it's just a little late because of the bad weather we've been having. At least, I hope that's the case.

-- CD (, January 26, 2000.


I'm sorry...I just can't resist this one ;-)

Does your last post infer that your mom has a birthday every month?


-- Jimmy Splinters (, January 26, 2000.


LOL! Now that would be a truly frightening thought. You know what I meant, the same day of the month when she was born.

-- CD (, January 26, 2000.

Claudia, It was my understanding that S.S. recipients received their checks on the first of each month. At least S.S.I. recipients. Is this the case? Additional threads would be helpful. Thanks.

-- NoJo (, January 26, 2000.

I am not sure when it started, but I went on retirement SS last year and check comes on day of month of your birth. I know that is a recent thing to spread them out. HOWEVER...SS sent all the checks for Jan, 2000 in Dec of 1999. Mine was deposited in the bank on Dec 31st. I think if your Grandmother has direct deposit, she will find that her Jan check was received Dec 31st. If she gets it in the mail, it was the same deal. Thats all I can tell you. I received my Jan check in Dec and will not expect another check until Feb 9th. Have her go to the SS office and check on it. Don't wait until the whole system goes down and there are people lined up for 6 blocks in all directions. Taz

-- Taz (, January 26, 2000.

At " " they have posted the schedule of what day checks will be issued or deposited. There are two separate calendars, one for SSDI, and another for SSDI/Retirement. If your Mom's check is 5 days late, you or she can always call Social Security's toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, and ask them to check on the status of it. Maybe this will help.

-- suzy (, January 26, 2000.

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