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Ok a couple of issues:

(1) please don't upload recordings that the Site Doesn't have the Version Number in the drop down tab for. Game Guru's Dragon Saber Recordings and Shanobi recordings don't playback under m36b14 as i had to find out the hard way. You only mentioned you recorded these under m36b15 in the text field of one recording. Besides this being confusing, there is a ~bug~ in the marp site that when you upload recordings with the wrong version, the file name of the downloaded .zip file will always retain the first version you set it as (wrong or not.)

SO, please wait a few days until there is Drop Down Tab for the mame version of the game you have recordded you wish to submit.

(2) To Judges: The latest Mame 36betas have increased the data length of frames from 32 bytes to 40 bytes. So don't expect the current autofire detector to work with Mame36b11 or later (I will hopefully have a fix forth comming, Analinp: Version 2.) It still works just fine for non-analogue recordings of TG3MAME35 games, so the tournament can still use the old version of it.

-- Chad (, January 25, 2000

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