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Hi all!

I've read a couple of posts about Stanislav Lunev here today--with associated remarks. This is not new, though it is timely.

Here's some history:


Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 8 Why are Most Americans Oblivious to These Terrifying Facts? 3-17-1999 Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 7 United States is Unprepared for War 3-16-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 6 Eleven Signs of a Russian Surprise Attack 3-16-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 5 Russias Recent Military Build-up 3-14-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 4 Russia May Launch a Surprise Attack Against US 3-12-1999

Scientist: Clinton Administration Gave China Top Nuclear Secrets 3-11-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 3

Russia and China -- Our Friends? 3-10-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 2 Clinton's Sell-Out of America 3-9-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War 3-9-1999

Russia and China Prepare for War -- Part 1 3-9-1999

Defector Reveals Russian War Plans 2-7-1999

These articles will provide some historical perspective on this recent news event. Happy reading and good learning all!

-- (, January 25, 2000


Thanks for the reference library Kurt, but I'm afraid it does not meet the smiley-face requirements, so must be deleted, heh.

I heard this guy interviewed on a radio show last week, and he was asked if anything now might suggest things are turning for the better. He said unfortunately not, things are "right on course" if you will.

-- Hokie (, January 25, 2000.

Here in Ohio I'm wishing someone would have asked him about the 1970's Woodpecker project -- their weather modification project at that time.

Seriously, if this is the same chap that Nyquist in WorldNetDaily has been using as a source, his track record seems impressive.

And we here in the U.S. are perhaps just beginning to discover that huge lump in the icy, foggy mist and sure hoping it isn't a berg.

At the rate we're going, vis-a-vis petroleum recently, they may not have to do much but shut down the gas pipelines to Europe, apply judicious pressure to the Saudi's, and let us discover Winter ourselves. Of course, if they've been able to clip underseas cables for years from subs, pipelines ought to be a snap, if necessary.

It sure is sounding like other parts of the world are getting the message -- see posts hereon about India and fuel, Australia and fuel, and so on. Fix-on-failure somehow doesn't seem to be working too well with oil's JIT practices.

Now we get to see the politicians see if they can 'spin' it. Uh huh. When you're cold, you're cold.

Make no mistake -- I pray Lunev is wrong, somehow, about how this mastroika(sp?) is going to play out. That hardcore survival thing is gonna take an awful lot of gettin used to again!

-- Redeye in Ohio (, January 26, 2000.

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