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When the wind starts blowing in the House of The Usher, the narrator reads a story to Roderick about a dragonslayer. During this story many of the events in the story relate to events that actually happen inside the house. What are some of these events that happen? and what part of the story do they correspond to?

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2000


I believe the first of the events acually happening in the house is the lady Madeline tearing or "rending" the lid off her coffin, which corresponds to Ethelred ripping through the hermit's door. The second is the grating sound of the iron door of Madeline's tomb opening which in the story of Ethelred is the dying shriek of the slain dragon. And finally, Madeline struggles through the archway covered in copper (resulting in loud sounds of clanging metal), just as the brass shield in the story fell to the floor at Ethelrd's feet.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2000

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