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Help! I've been using Astarte M.Pack 3.02 + Toast 4.0 on a Mac G3 to TRY and make VCD's out of MPEG files that play just fine (AUDIO and Video) using Quicktime 4.0 in their original state. Here's the problem: the end result plays only video on my DVD player w/NO SOUND. My process: Start w/MPEG file (QT 4.0 "get info" says it's got only 1 track total called "mpeg track". Presumably this contains both A&V) --> use M.Pack to convert to Toast-ready MPEG/VCD format --> use Toast 4.0 to burn --> VCD w/no sound and only video. Ugh!

Help! Any suggestions?

-- Dave Winkler (, January 25, 2000


i have the same problem....vcd that doesn't play back with you have the solution?

Also, do you know how to add playback control?

-- oj (, August 14, 2002.

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