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Hi, I am just discovering this form of video and would like some advice/help. I have a video capture card that will capture 30 fps and save in Quicktime format. Besides buying the VERY expensive Adobe Premiere or Astartes M Pack, is there any inexpensive mpeg encoder software that I can use? Also, after I get them in MPEG format can I use Toast 3.5 to burn to cd? T

-- Mike (, January 25, 2000


I have had good luck using Astarte M. Pact, Toast 3.5.7 and Editing Final Cut Pro. The key is that some Video CD, CD-R, CD-RW seem to troubles with playback. My discs play perfect in Philips brand DVD Players. (Even ones that don't say they support Video CD) The Pioneer DV-525 seems to be problematic with this set up. I did get good results out of a high end Sony DVD Player. Video looked the best on the Philips DVD players. Anxious to try out the Apex P

-- John Mortensen (, March 17, 2000.

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