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Can you do me a favor? The following excerpt is from mozel's 5:25 post this morning. Living in Seattle, can you verify what he posted?

"He showed us several photographs which he took of a "Federal Detention Center" in Seattle. The building looks like a cross between a prison and a hospital. It is huge -- about the height of the Federal Murrah Building but twice the depth -- square rather than rectangular with a gray concrete facade punctuated with small, vertical slit windows. The lower two or three stories are decorated with red brick. The marquee out in front of the building reads "Federal Detention Center" with a UN insignia above it and address number 2425 below it...."

Let me know if you could. I just don't know what to believe sometimes. Thanks.

-- Otis (, January 25, 2000


Gleaned this from the Kitco forum:

"Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 18:42 Norwester (s t r a t ---- reg. Mozel's reporting of Federal Detention Center in Seattle.....) ID#390235: Copyright ) 1999 Norwester/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Lemme ask yu...WHEN'S the last time you had the "pleasure" of attempting to get any information from a govt. agency ?!? Grr-r-r-r!! After 5-6 phone calls ( even tried my ATF gal who usually will tell me stuff ) I did finally get a "Why, yes, we do have...WHY ARE YOU INQUIRING?" response from the Sea-Tac Task Force ( DRUGS DIVISION ) in the quaint newly-incorporated burg of SeaTac ( alongside Federal Way, WA, and ALMOST ADJACENT TO THE AIRPORT ) ....Yuppers! We gots one here...the only address I could PRY outta this guy was a "well, WE'RE located at 2800 South 192nd Street..." ....interesting how CLOSE that is to the other building address mentioned....dat's all I can come up wif unless you gots a howitzer and APC vehicle for us to try any assault...YAR! "


They were discussing the detention center>


-- Ray (, January 25, 2000.

Otis: The building you refer to is one of many constructed by the Feds for the UN Control Agency.

They were originally designed to hold militia groups after martial law was declared on Dec 28. But it was not declared. I don't know what plans the UN now has for them. They are all vacant. Maybe they will sell them or convert them to Self-Storage facilities.

-- . (, January 25, 2000.

Honolulu has a simular detention Bldg.for Fed. prisioners.

-- Just lookin (checkin, January 25, 2000.


All I know is that during the WTO riots a month and a half ago, they detained, according to the papers and the tv news, 630 people; they were "stored" for several days at the old Sandpoint Naval Station, right at Seattle.

I would seem with that many "rioters" and "dangerous" people, that they would have been itching to try out their new detention centre.

-- Jim Sharp (, January 25, 2000.

I've seen pics online, but everytime I post a link the site seems to go bye-bye. Oh well, I suppose folks wouldn't put them online if they didn't want others to be aware, so here is a link to shots of a national map with locations. This is the only link I have which still is functional as of 9:38pm EST. Follow the site's links, and you'll see some pics as well:

-- Hokie (, January 25, 2000.


-- Hokie (, January 25, 2000.

Gosh, Otis, I missed seeing it. But I look only where they tell me I can ...

Might be referring to the new King County Jail, that was the focal point of lots of protestors, etc, when they put some of the original protestors in there.

UN insignia on a federal center here? I think I'd like to see that picture. Do they supply latte? Sorry, I just can't get serious about this one.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), January 26, 2000.

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