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Traffic fines in Richland Marsha Thompson Jan. 24  Some Richland residents were shocked to receive letters in the mail from police about overdue traffic citations.

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A computer error sent out demand letters to collect fines to hundreds of people who had already paid up, along with those who owe. The Richland Police Department is trying to collect on old debts, tens of thousands of unpaid traffic and motor violations by purging its records. The computer glitch has caused a nightmare and prompted an untold number of calls from complaining motorists. A new system is now on board, but the chief says hes not taking any chances. Chief Billy Fortenberry of the Richland Police Department said, We hope weve got it straightened out, anybody that owes a fine they need to call but we will not issue any warrants or anything till weve gone back now by hand done each one if these letters are sent out. So if they owe a fine they do need to get in contact with us. If theyve paid a fine they need to contact us. To clear up any misunderstandings about traffic citations, contact the Richland Police Department at 932-3100. If you dont pay, dont expect to get your drivers license when it comes up for renewal  thats state law.

-- Homer Beanfang (, January 25, 2000


Well, I realize that this is just a "local" problem, but perhaps they could send all of those fines and letters to John Koskinen's office, and re-direct all the phone calls to the Y2K emergency control center. After all, since there are no Y2K problems, those folks must not have anything better to do -- and it would allow Chief Billy to get back to his regular job of chasing criminals....

-- Ed Yourdon (, January 25, 2000.

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