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Policemen talk like policemen the world over. Even when they meet aliens from outer space. Officer Craig Stevens of Millstadt Police Department, Illinois, noted in his patrol report for January 5: "I drove to the north end of town. While I was sitting there I observed a large flying object coming from a southward direction."

Officer Stevens was not the only policeman to see the vast UFO that night. Police departments in Highland, Lebanon and Shiloh, all east of St Louis, tracked the craft.

One Lebanon officer called the National UFO Reporting Center hours later and said he had pursued the object at high speed, with his flashers blazing, until the unknown craft changed course to meet him.

The noiseless, dark triangle hovered above his car at 1,000- 1,500ft, as though studying him, before streaking away to the west, seeming to cover several miles in just a few seconds.

Many UFO experts believe that the silent triangles are part of a secret US military project. This one was certainly sighted within two or three miles of Scott Air Force Base. But why a secret aircraft would fly low over built-up zones with all its lights burning is a tough question.

Officer Stevens's priceless report is online at the Millstadt station site. He added a sketch to his report, showing a boomerang shape with big headlamps, and also attached a Polaroid that reveals a scattering of yellow lights in a mottled sky. The morning was bitterly cold, Stevens reports, and "the picture did not seem to exit the camera properly".

"The object was flying very low," he records, "from 500ft to 1,000ft, and was flying very slowly. The object was making no noise. I could only hear a very low-decibel buzzing sound. Then the object began banking to the northeast, and continued to cruise away from me."

Millstadt officers are not commenting on the case and simply refer callers to their website.

A local newspaper reporter, Heather Ratcliffe, says: "The police don't believe the sighting was a visitor from outer space. But they won't make any assumptions about what it is."

One thing must be certain - Officer Stevens would not threaten his own career and expose himself to ridicule by filing such a report unless he was sure it was accurate.

Link -Millstadt police report

(London Times)

-- Risteard Mac Thomais (uachtarn@ireland.com), January 25, 2000


---there has been a MASSIVE gov inspired, extensive disinformation project since 1947. The real aspects to actual extraterrestrial visitors would cause a huge shift of social consciousness, and the MONEY involved in the cover up and reverse engineering is probably in the hundreds of billions, if not the trillions. I've been an enthusiast and casual researcher since middle 60's. There is OVERWHELMING evidence of real craft flying around. several countries have now come out public and admitted it, but NOT THE US. France, china, and argentina are leading the way in making information public. There was a huge flap down in mexico several years back, thousands of people got home videotape and stills of craft, and it was even shown LIVE on mexican tv at the time. Anyone who wants to can use any search engine, and find all the info they want, and there's hardly a person on the planet who hasn't had a personal friend who has a story to tell. The pollies can seriously BYTE ME, when it comes to this subject. My own girlfriend was THREATENED by gov goons when she and the rest of the flightcrew had a just off the wingtip craft sighting for 20 minutes and the pilot reported it. when they landed, GOONS were waiting for them, they were PHYSICALLY threatened with bodily harm, and loss of jobs if they talked. I know of dot mil folks who have been ORDERED AND THREATENED TO NOT TALK about sightings they have had. The GOONS can BYTE ME. I DON'T LIKE FRIENDS THREATENED BY GOONS. THIS IS A SERIOUS MISTAKE ON THE GOONS PART.

that's about all I have to say on that, any idiot pollies or denialists can BYTE ME as well.

-- zog (zzoggy@yahoo.com), January 25, 2000.

Zog, Expect a visit from MIB late tonight, The Greta alliance has sent 2 craft out of Archuletta mesa and 2 crews of grey/human hybrids to deal with you, We plan on implanting you, We know where you are--resistance is futile----You'll be singing a very different tune tomorrow. that is if we don't throw you in the peroxide vats.

-- Orion Federation (Orion@5thlevel Archulettamesa.org), January 25, 2000.

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