Washington - Richmond's Y2k bugs: city fuel cards, police dispatch

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REDMOND (Washington state)

Minor computer glitches hit fuel cards, police dispatch

The state's Year 2000 Office reported a mostly smooth transition into the new millennium over the weekend, but Redmond City Hall wasn't without a couple minor glitches.

The city experienced problems with its city-issued fuel access cards, and the police department's computer-aided dispatch system found a minor Y2K bug, too.

While the fuel-access card problem has been rectified, Redmond Police Lt. Mark Hagreen said that the city still has to sort out its dispatch problem, but it will not affect the way emergency calls are handled and there was no loss of data.

``Basically it's harder for us to bring up previous calls to add new information,'' Hagreen said.

``The data is being indexed in a harder place to find. It's an efficiency issue.''

The problem should be corrected in coming days, he said.

-- Eastside Journal Online, Bellevue, King County, Washington


-- Lee Maloney (leemaloney@hotmail.com), January 24, 2000

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