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Cheyenne-AP) -- U-S West is scrambling to find out why one of its department 800 numbers is linked to a phone sex solicitation message. The 800 number is listed in directories for the company's New Land Development and Buildings Infrastructure Needs division. However, when the number is dialed, a sultry woman's voice is heard pitching various phone sex numbers to call. U-S West spokesman Richard Paulson says he doesn't know how long the message has been there or how it got there. He speculated that it could have been done by someone outside the company. Paulson said U-S West is investigating.

-- boop (, January 24, 2000



Dang MIS guys got too much time on their hands post-y2k, so they're just playin' harmless pranks is all, heh.

-- Hokie (, January 24, 2000.

Obviously USWest is simply "working hard to maximize its earnings for increased shareholder value". This is just an example of "innovative access to untapped revenue potentials available to the comapany".

Of course nobody would think that a major company like USWest would do this intentionally. But somewhere in the dark recesses of corporate HQ, this has got to have crossed some bean-counter's mind.

WW ;)

-- Wildweasel (, January 25, 2000.

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