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Larry and Phil were flying a plane. Larry looks out and says, "Phil,Phil, the wings on fire! "Phil,Phil, the engines on fire! "Phil,Phil, there's only one parachute!

Phil says,"I KNOOOOoooooow!

-- Paul Revere (readyornot@hereit.comes), January 24, 2000



The bill for my solar panels wasn't quite $20,000 but it was in the same ballpark. I turned the system on in Oct 1998, and instead of saying "Crap!", I said, "Wow, lookit that! My electric bill has just been cut in half! And my gas bill, for heating the house, has just been cut by 80%!"

I continue to say that in the aftermath of Y2K. For me, and for anyone else who lives in an area where there is a lot of sunshine, the solar panels can be viewed as an investment, not as "insurance." Granted, the ROI isn't the same as if I had invested that sum in Yahoo or Amazon at the beginning of 1999, but it's still paying off reasonably well as a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, I think it's the people who bought generators who might be saying "crap" ... unless, of course, they happen to be living in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina right about now...


-- Ed Yourdon (, January 24, 2000.

I guess Y2K Pro's next spam post will say "... by the twits at JOKEBOMB 2000" ...

-- No Joke (, January 24, 2000.

Know what the guy said who spent $20,000 on Solar Panels for y2k?


-- JoseMiami (, January 24, 2000.

Joe.....ya gotta keep your day job.

Some people just KNOW how to tell a joke. :0)

-- afriendoftheforum (, January 24, 2000.


Let me second what you said. We put in a far larger system for more money. We have no problem with the ROI because we know we will have power in our boondocks area no matter what. We put it in because we got burned out on our back up generator when the power was out.


-- Todd Detzel (, January 25, 2000.

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