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A while back I posted about a Hotwheels commercial I saw which I swear was directed by Peter Chung (or someone who is VERY skilled at copying his style). And now it's happened again. Today I watching The Price is Right (against my will, I assure you) when I saw a rather interesting Checkers commercial. This is how it went (as much as I can remember): Some sexily-dressed black-haired chica with sunglasses is flying down the road in a fast, foreign sportscar. She suddenly notices her fuel gauge is leaning towards Empty. She immeadiately swerves off the road, knocking down a few telephone polls and flattens the accelerator, looking frantic. Then she jumps the hotrod over a family car and swerves towards Checkers. There is a close-up of the drive-through window with some guy placing a burger in a bag and holding it out. The car speeds by, blowing the guy's hair back and snatching the bag, too fast for us to really see. Then the chica eats the burger in two bites (watch Gravity to get a vauge idea of what this looks like. Her jaw almost dislocates). Then the gauge swerves back to Full and she continues her speedy way.

-- Frostbite (, January 24, 2000


sounds to me like you're fiending for some new episodes :D

-- neobe 316 (, January 25, 2000.

AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!! I SWEAR CHUNG DID IT!!! The feeling of recognition was every bit as profound as flipping to that wierd little cartoon on Nickelodeon and noticing that music sounded *awfully* familiar.

-- Frostbite (, January 25, 2000.

Ren and Stimpy? now i KNOW you're Chung-happy!

-- neobe 316 (, January 26, 2000.

No, no, no, no, NO! The Wild Thornberries. And the "Ah! Real Monsters" dreamy dream.

-- Frostbite (, January 27, 2000.

Chungs' style is distinctive but can be replicated. His involvement in a project, however, can not be picked by its aesthetic alone. He has worked on several things you would not associate with the style he has developed (and that we know and appreciate). For instance, Rugrats. Afterall animation is work and artists need money too often. :-) There are several interviews online where he discusses this kind of thing. Got to he new project's site (Alexander) for a start.

-- William (, January 28, 2000.

sound clips are often used over and over again im sure youve seen it in movies, like the song from platoon, theres about 5 other films with the same score. also heres somthing creapy a god deal of the laugh trakes on sit comes were recorded more then 50 years ago, so next time you watch friends just think about how all thoughs people laghing are dead and roting in the ground now.

spooky huh.

-- Aaron (, November 20, 2002.


-- Sam (, November 21, 2002.

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