Diabetes: A Native American treatment

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Oklahoma Indian Times, January 2000, Volume V Issue 13, page A-10

Letters to the Editor

"Dear Editor,

I am writing to you because I dare not write to the medical persons, pertaining to the section on diabetes, because first I will be accused of practicing medicine without a license and second it will be ignored as foolishness.

Maybe you tell someone who will listen or tell me someone to talk to.

The cure for diabetes is very simple. Horehound tea (in a box at the health food store) made a little stronger does it quickly (in a week or less). Simply make the tea in a stainless steel or pyrex pot, not aluminum, for one person I suggest making 2 cups at a time that will last two days. Drink four large swallows per day and keep a close watch on the blood sugar level and as the level goes down cut back on the amount of insulin injected.

When the blood sugar goes down to normal, usually about 98 STOP the Horehound tea and insulin.

Keep watching if the blood sugar rises drink some tea. When it stays normal you are no longer diabetic. Children can drink less tea. One thing I suggest keeping all the iron enriched food out of children's mouth. It can dause diabetes in children. Anyone who tries this will do themselves no harm, there are no side effects.

I am an old woman of Creek and Black ancestry. I have agonized over this problem for some time trying to get this knowledge out. I was diagnosed diabetic about ten years ago and have been free of it all this time. I can no longer not tell it (All friends of mine are [diabetes] free). I ache for feeling selfish and feeling sorrow for my people.

Very Sincerely,

Bernice C. Crisp

[Oklahoma Indian Times would like to tell our readers to carefully monitor their diabetes under a doctor's care at all times. Any other methods of healing found in our letters-to-the-editor will be taken at the readers' discretion.]"

My personal questions regarding this lady's cure: What type of diabetes was she diagnosed with? What brand (strength) of horehound tea was carried in her local health food store? Did she make other dietary and lifestyles changes known to aid in blood sugar reduction?

If anyone tries this with good results, please let me know. I am not diabetic. A relative of mine was diagnosed with Adult Onset diabetes over 20 years ago, and a better diet was the 'cure' for that person. If you try the horehound treatment, please (!) make sure your doctor monitors you closely. Tell the other people in your household in case you have trouble.

Herbs can and do affect the human body in a variety of ways -- be careful when using any herb. Just because THIS lady observed no harmful effects from using horehound tea doesn't make it impossible that YOU could wake up with fangs and hair.

helen, who hopes this helps

-- helen (sstaten@fullnet.net), January 24, 2000


Hi Helen: Am not diabetic, but appreciate the Native American history and knowledge or herbal remedies. Have been fascinated with the knowledge of the alternative health treatments. Thanks for sharing.

-- suzy (suzy@aol.com), January 26, 2000.

Hey Helen!

I don't know anything about Ms. Crisp's claims, but I do know a little about horehound and some other uses for it. I have kept the candys (old fashion stick type) around for years...they seem to keep forever. We don't get sore throats and coughs too often, but when we do, you can either just suck on the candy for relief or I just melt part of a stick in some hot water plain or with your favorite tea. The candy is, unlike the herb, made up mostly of sugar, and not what Ms. Crisp was refering to.

This has worked well for us with minor sore throats, like with colds, but not to effective against straph throat and the like, so I am guessing it is more for "soothing" them "curing". For coughs, it works very well, and I prefer the taste of it to some of the over the counter cough drops.

If anyone is more interested, Johnny's Selected Seeds lists seeds for sale, $1.45 pack. They list horehound medical uses as "...respitory disorders, bitter digestive and liver tonic. Primarily to break mucus, phlegm, treat coughs, sore throat." I believe it is listed as a perennial, full sun, up to two feet tall. The picture reminds me of catnip.

Nickols Garden Nursery offers seed for $1.25 pack.

-- Lilly (homesteader145@yahoo.com), January 27, 2000.

I hate taking medicine of any kind but am forced to take tablets for diabetes control. I'd like to test the horehound tea but I have to wait for a good opportunity. If glucose levels become too low or too high, the resulting feelings of debilitation can ruin a whole day. Perhaps in late spring, when there aren't so many things that have to be done.

I hope you post any other remedies you know of, Helen. Thanks for this one. If it works even a little bit, it will be a great help.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), January 27, 2000.

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