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Sheriff: Safety center experiences difficulties

Wednesday, January 05, 2000

Michele L. Boyd

At last nights city council meeting Washington County Sheriff Yale Jarvis reported that the sheriffs and police departments are experiencing several difficulties.

Jarvis reported that the safety center had a set back with the communications equipment when a key component failed over the weekend.


E911 Committee expresses frustration

Friday, January 07, 2000

Linda Wenger

Members of the E911 Committee expressed some frustation for the length of time they have been working on the problems of the communication equipment in the Washington Public Safety Center during their meeting last night.

After the committee reappointed Don Allender as chairman, the group went over the budget request for fiscal year 2000-2001, which totals $838,195. Of that amount, $495,000 is earmarked to replace the Washington Safety Centers communications system.


E911 board earmarks funds for new equipment

Friday, January 21, 2000

Linda Wenger

Washington Countys E911 Board once again agreed to ear-mark E911 telephone surcharge funds, in excess of operating expenses, to help finance new communications equipment for the Washington Safety Center during last nights meeting. For FY 1999-2000, those funds totalled $58,700.


-- Source of articles: The Washington Evening Journal; Washington, Iowa

-- Lee Maloney (, January 24, 2000

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