What is Ben Franklin's view on religion?

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What is Ben's view of religion, because it seems like he jumps around from being a traditional Christian to an atheist, and then he kind fo jumps around mentioning God, but never really mentioning his beliefs.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2000


I think that Ben has his own idea of what religion is. I think that he has spiritual connections, but that he does not follow traditional belief. He seems to put his faith in God, but also seems to feel that you need to do a lot of things on your own w/out the help of a higher being. I think that he was a Christian, but that he put too much on himself.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2000

I don't think that there should be any doubt that Benjamin Franklin did indeed believe in god. Although he may not have gone to church every Sunday I think that he did believe. And this is what made him a good madel for Americans views on religion. He wasn't a religious finatic but he did believe in god. Maybe he just had trouble with the organized religion and didn't want to go pray with a room full of people.

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2000

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