Turbocharged Sonett III ?!?!

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I've got a 73 1/2 Sonett that I am trying to restore. Of course I would like to make this Saab a real screamer. I have contacted Jack Lawrence at MSS, and he could help alot, but I really want 200+ HP for a real exotic killer(P's and B's if you will) heh, Anyway, I've heard that someone turboed a Sonett III with the help of Bud Clark. I would appreciate if someone could give me some direction, maybe an E-mail address for a contact or something. One other thing, will those 185/65 - 15 tires rub at all if the car is lowered, or can you lower it a certain amount without rubbing the tires under load or what? Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer any of these questions.

-- Jonathan Freedy (freedy@ufl.edu), January 24, 2000


Jonathan, You've got the right names when it comes to building big engines. Bud Clark's number is 714-282-7378 (No e-mail). Consider too Tom Donney and Chip Lamb (Follow the links page or go through their individual pages on SaabSpot).

Can't hurt to tell 'em I sent you.

RE tire question: Join the VSAAB list! It is filled with Sonett guys who have centuries of experience!

Best of Luck,

Dennis O'Connor Webmaster

-- Dennis O'Connor (dennisoc@prodigy.net), January 24, 2000.

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