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I'm getting ready to switch from a mechanical gyro to a heading lock. As I look through prices and brands I see that there is an option to get it with an "interface" or without. What is this interface? If I go with a cheaper model such as the arcamax's lowest level am I sacrificing significant quality? Lastly, I bought the high speed servo already and I want to mount it on the boom to rid extra play. Need I be concerned about exhaust oil hurting the servo? Thank you so much for your help, Ryan

-- Ryan Kearbey (rmkearbey@yahoo.com), January 24, 2000


Ryan, I think exhaust oil is not going to hurt your rudder servo, just wipe it off after you finish flying for the day. As far as I know a vibration is one of the main problems, which can potentially damage the radio equipment. About gyros: I do fly arcamax heading hold gyro, which is designed for high speed JR 2700G  super servo. And for past two years had one problem: lost the tail control in hover (really scary), but I managed to land my Xcell-46 undamaged. After thorough inspection I did not find any mechanical or radio problem, that was kind of phantom wired thing. So the gyro was suspected. I flew this machine recently and the gyro problem did not remind me about again though. I am thinking right now about buying the new CSM-540. This gyro does have a flight mode adjustability via optional PC interface cable & software. It does allow rudder trim, gyro reversing, Super Servo support, independent left/right servo travel limits  all to be controlled from transmitter. And what I think I dont need anything else from a heading hold gyro. New Futaba G-501 comes with control amp block  additional piece of equipment to install on the helicopter and take care of. Some of my friends who are just a beginners  totally confused with a thick gyro manual explaining how all the controls needs to be set on the radio and on the gyros control amp in sync! But what I heard from advanced pilots they never used any additional features other then those, which are already, default in CSM-540. Both 540 and 501 are great gyros but to my taste Id like to keep the things reasonably compact and simple, not sacrificing any performance. Main problem with arcamax heading hold is a temperature drift. CSM-540 has a Drift compensation build in it. You decide what you want.

-- Jack G. (webmaster@heiweb.com), January 24, 2000.

Here is my recent experiences. I have fleet of 5 Helis, and I bought one Futaba GY501 w/ the 9205 high speed servo and one CSM540 and new 9204 high speed servo. The CSM540 was not programming very well as compared to the GY501! Once we understood how the GY501 worked, programming was easy. I am currently selling my CSM540, because I bought another GY501 system. I now have three GY501's for my main helis. Oh, yeah, My CSM540 never saw an airborn flight.

As far as oil goes, most servos are sealed to prevent fluids from getting inside.

-- Steve London (Mr.Wizard@Mediaone.net), January 27, 2000.

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