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Well, It appears you've found your way to my discussion board. I'm using just one of Phil Greenspun's free web services. I urge you to follow the links to his website and explore. Greenspun is an iconoclasitc web guy--he is very vivid--well worth the time! The tools he provides are industrial strength. If I were to set up an independent learning environment for online ed I'd build it around this software. For a heavy duty version look at Phil's site (a couple a hundred thousand hits a day?) and see how the discussion threads work. Phils site: http://photo.net/photo/ Check out the discussion on Nature Photography.

Thanks for dropping by. Explore my Saab site a bit ( if you have a taste for old Swedish iron). I'm getting about a 1000 hits a month. The site's design is very much in the 'Greenspun manner'

-- Dennis O'Connor (dennisoc@prodigy.net), January 24, 2000


I'd be particularly interesting in what Debbie thinks of Senior Greenspun. I worked with him briefly last summer at the Milken National Educators Conference. The guy is 'scary bright', graduated MIT in Math at 18 etc. Quite the Web magician. Some of his stuff is beyond my technical abilities, but still I find both his advice and philosophy to be remarkable!


-- Dennis O'Connor (dennisoc@prodigy.net), January 24, 2000.

Hi Dennis,

Thought I'd visit your message board. Interesting site... think I'll explore it a little further. 6703 is far better than 6702. I learn better by doing.

Bye for now.

-- Gina Stevens (grsteven@ix.netcom.com), January 28, 2000.

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