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Personally, I consider "chemtrails" about as valid as UFO's (i.e., nonexistent), but that's not the reason I suggest they be taken somewhere else. It's because, even if they exist, they have nothing to do with Y2K. They also make the rest of us look like kooks (as if we didn't have enough to worry about otherwise). Please start another Greenspun forum about chemtrails and take your discussion there. Thank you.

-- Steve Heller (, January 24, 2000


Steve, quit your complaining. 50% of the posts are OT. Just live with it.

-- ... (, January 24, 2000.

Perhaps the chemtrails have poisoned your ability to think, and you are now unable to see the whole OBVIOUS connection among chemtrails, Y2K, Oil prices and the government. They have gotten to me too, and my own thought processes are blurry just now, but as soon as I dope it out, I'm gonna post the whole connection for all to read.

-- ImSo (, January 24, 2000.

Yeah, the kookery gives TB 2000 a bad rep, and smothers real y2k issues in a blanket of ridicule. But what can you do ? There are chemtrail threads on even the passworded forums. Maybe the chemicals drop to earth and become TB 2000 posts.

-- Forrest Covington (, January 24, 2000.

I agree with Steve,my personal opinion is that only paranoids bother about this chemtrail BS. Contrails are normal and as air traffic increases so do the contrails.I dont see any common sense in the chemtrail discussion.

-- roberto (, January 24, 2000.

roberto you are in denial. Chemtrails are real and on topic and it looks like they're here to stay. If you don't like the topic, YOU leave.

-- (, January 24, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California My Chemtrails Page

Only if you confine the year 2000 discussion to Y2K code remediation techniques would chemtrails not be a year 2000 issue. If we discuss the potential for civil unrest, cyber terrorism, real terrorism, germ warfare and nuclear threats from Russia and China, stockmarket bubbles, the price of gold, and global warming, then we can certainly make some room for chemtrails.

These may be relevant because of the preparations we may need to make, which may become difficult if a bad oil situation starts to put a big crimp in things. If terrorists will be taking advantage of this time period to engage in biological warfare, then we need a place to consider that possibility. Chemtrails are a piece of that puzzle. If the substances coming from planes are causing computer programmers to cough until they puke, I want to know.

That said... there are entirely too many chemtrails threads that add nothing to our knowledge of them. As I mentioned when this question came up a month or more ago, the threads tend to be started by unknown handles, who apparently have not taken note of the vast amount of information that is out there already. Many posts are of the "they're spraying me now" variety, describing the same information about the expanding trails that do not dissipate. Is there some way to help these starter threads to be nipped and replanted into an appropriate already existing thread?

Also, I've recently noticed an annoying trend, by two posters, in particular to post their borderline longish essays onto several of the threads. That's spamming. Ceemeister, in particular, today, posted the same 400 plus word essay to ten different chemtrail threads. That's really uncool.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 24, 2000.

I don't know if chemtrails are real or not, but I do know that the "hot" new word around here is "denial." Before New Year's roll- over, the pollies were in "denial." After the New Year's date it has been the doomers in "denial." Now it is those who are sceptical that are in "denial." Wow!

-- JoseMiami (, January 24, 2000.

Steve, it's too late, we already know you're a kook! (heh, just kidding guy).

Chemtrails are to me a measure of desperation on the part of the feds. I don't question their existence because an AF vet confirmed them for me. What I do question is their purpose.

Understand the oil based spray (you'll see a yellow-brown spectrum or rainbow in the clouds with these) could be used to respond to a local chemical incident in my area, whether accidental/y2k related, or due to terrorism (I live a stone's throw from the largest naval base in the world, and FEMA headquarters).

So chemtrails may be OT or on topic, depends. What is certain to me is they threaten me at present more than any other environmental/technological issues of which I am aware.

-- Hokie (, January 24, 2000.

I don't get the problem with chemtrails. If you think there are chemtrails, then contact your local authorities or the EPA and say "Someone is spraying pesticides and it's making everyone sick!" They should be all over it, right? Hold a demonstration or something.

-- Amy Leone (, January 24, 2000.

There aren't that many chemtrail threads and they are usually clearly labeled. I suggest that those who aren't interested just skip over them. Personally, I am curious about the chemtrails and I read every thread about them.

-- Dave (, January 24, 2000.

Excellent point, Steve. I wish that all non-Y2k related postings would be either labeled as "OT" or be posted somewhere else altogether.

-- Dan the Power Man (, January 24, 2000.

These OT topics are "in-a-way", on-topic--because the issues we need to deal with are SOCIETY'S BREAKDOWN. This forum has a critical mass of non-sheeple skeptics.

-- INever (, January 25, 2000.

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