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I don't have a darkroom (and my wife won't let me use the bathroom) but I was wondering about the possibility of processing 4X5 & 8X10 B&W negatives in an 8X10 color processing drum (like a Beseler or Uni-Color drum). If this is possible, should you agitate by rolling the drum by hand or should you use a motor base? I have a large Fuji changing tent that will allow me to load the drum.

-- Ron Lawrence (, January 23, 2000


Unicolor drums work great.

-- John Hicks (, January 23, 2000.

Ron: The drums do work well. If possible, get the motor base. They ususally aren't too expensive and you can sometimes find them used. The advantage to the motor base is that you get consistancy of agitation. The T-Max films are expecially good with consistant agitation. You will have to back off a little from the time, but the negs are usually good. Experiment a little to see how much to adjust for the constant agitation. It isn't much. Hand agitation works fine if you pay attention and keep things consistant. I haven't bought a motor since my last one died. I put the films in the drum and roll the drum back and forth in a 16x20 tray. The tray catches any leakage. It ain't difficlt. Work out your own system whichever method you choose. That's the beauty of LF black and white. Good shooting, Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, January 23, 2000.

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