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I am doing a research paper on sibling birth order. I understand the characteristics of each child. What I don't understand is how did the sibling birth order concept come along? Who came up with it or started to research it?

-- Angela Patrick (, January 23, 2000


Rayid Birth Order is a combination of inspiration and observation. Denny Johnson is the orginator of this method of birth order. In the mid-seventies, Denny developed The Rayid Model of Iris Evaluation. Using the iris of the eye, like a genetic fingerprint, he linked the iris of a child's eye to the father's or mother's side of the family. Years of observation and testing the genetic links of each child's relationship to the family tree lead to a powerful inward vision. During this visionary state, Denny experienced the profound connection that all of us have with our family tree. The value and accuracy of the information deserves respect and testing. Take what you can of the information that is offered and test it. We trust that gradually you will find the usefulness and joy within the beauty of the Rayid Method of Birth Order.

-- denny ray johnson (, January 25, 2000.

Dear Angela,

I wish to honor the presence within you that moved you to seek information on this simple birth order bulletin board. Within the heart of your searching, there must be something you are looking for. Perhaps it is the same thing that all of us want to know..."Is there something more to Life?". When we look at our families, we may see the great differences between ourselves and our brothers and sisters. We may be even question if our parents are our "real" parents. How could everyone be so different? If all the families of the world are so different, we may wonder if the world was conceived in chaos. If there is only chaos in the world, then self-survival becomes the dominate theme that propels our thoughts and actions. In a world of chaos, the mind becomes the ruler in a game of "survival of the fittest". But nothing could be further from the truth.

As you examine the accuracy of the Rayid Method of Birth Order, you will discover the mysterious perfection that guides all of us. Each child's position in the family tree is perfect. There is an exact reason why each of us has come into this world filled with unique gifts to offer. What you see within a family is the mirror of the wonder and beauty found in the world around us. What you find is the unity and oneness in all things. When the illusion of chaos dissolves, the importance of the mind is returned to its rightful role as a servant. When you begin to trust the mysterious hand of perfection that guides you, your mind relaxes, and your heart begins to open. When your heart opens, you discover that Love is the ruler of the world, not chaos. So relax, enjoy the journey. Each day, with a little giggle in your heart, sing a song of thankfulness.

May Peace be with you, all the days of your life...

-- denny ray johnson (, January 26, 2000.

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