I just saw them for first time!

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I live in St. Pete area of Florida,just saw the chemtrails,I've been reading about in here.I wish I had been outside a few minutes earlier,to see the original sky for comparison purposes. My husband and kids are making fun of me,hubby says the planes are making lines in sky for the Tampa Bay Bucs. There is no lettering or design to these,just crisscrossin X's and a few lower horizontal ones closer to the horizon. They are turning into long straight clouds. There are a couple small puffy clouds in an otherwise blue sky,but they are quickly being blown by the wind while these trail clouds seem stay in same place,just get wider. I also saw one of the planes spraying,it was pretty high,lookied like a jet and had three streams coming out the back. My son said 4 streams but I'm sure it was three. I took some pics with my disposable camera,not that great I guess,coz cant show all of them at once. Its creepy.

-- Ramona Lee (Erica39@AOL.com), January 23, 2000


Erica, join the club.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), January 23, 2000.

I have an IFR Enroute High Altitude chart showing the Jet Routes over which aircraft travel between navigational aids located on the ground.

The chart shows nav aids at St. Petersburg and at Sarasota. Also another one around 25 miles east of St. Pete called Lakeland.

There are also special use airspaces in the Gulf to the soutwest of Sarasota and also to the northwest of St. Pete but about 50 miles away. The military uses these special use airspaces to conduct training.

-- Mikey2k (mikey2k@he.wont.eat.it), January 23, 2000.

I fancy "Ramona" is a troll. It comes from the same IP number as Y2K Idiot over at Bonkers.

-- Sysop (on@duty.now), January 23, 2000.

Ramona...chubby hubby and I saw them too over Ocala area. Its still going on. Now I know what people are talking about. Once you take a few minutes to observe it all, you KNOW its real. Chemtrails have been one of those subjects that I have avoided making any comments on. OK....I ADMIT IT...I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL NUTS!!!! But now we are believers. In addition, all three of us have running eyes and noses this morning. There has been only one plane spraying our area and he has been going back and forth for a good two hours now. To me the real telling thing(at least with this plane's spray) is that first there is just a very narrow (much narrower than a regular contrail) line and then it widens out and you can see that it is really falling fast if there is a cloud behind it to measure with the eye. Then all of a sudden it is a stripe with "balls" hanging on it. You remember the old bedspreads that had the rows of little balls hanging along the edge...thats what it looks like. Then when it widens it doesn't fall at that fast rate. Eventually the stripes widen to the point that they merge into what just looks like overcast skies. UNBELIEVABLE!! I know....I know....I have already put the water on to boil and chubby hubby has taken the gun out to find a crow~~~~~~!


-- Taz (Tassi123@aol.com), January 23, 2000.

this kinda stinks. The first time in my life that I've ever posted to here and I'm called a troll. I'm not even sure what a troll is ,I thought its a trouble maker or something. I was just reporting what I saw into what i thought was chemtrails section. I've been coming in here since rollover,to read messages and I'm totally hooked,love it here. But I'm not that person youre talking about. Just a regular person,a mom,and a y2k prepper. An apology would be nice. Thanks

-- RamonaLee (Erica39@AOL.com), January 23, 2000.

Ramona, if you had been posting to this board for a while you would know that we have trolls who post here and pretend to be someone else. Unfortunately, you come in on the same IP as a known troll. Sometimes genuine posters do come in on a troll IP, in which case we soon find out when they post again.

Sorry if you were upset but if you stick around for a while you'll find out we have a serious troll problem and you'll understand.

-- Sysop (on@duty.now), January 23, 2000.

Sysop, was this a LARGE ISP or a small local provider. If this is a large ISP I believe you have made a mistake in your actions.


-- Ray (ray@totacc.com), January 23, 2000.

OK, I give up. Whats a troll? Just coming in on a phoney email address will cover a lot of folks on this board, some of which have meaningful posts. Any other meanings for the label `troll?'

-- Scooter (brucej@infoave.net), January 23, 2000.

Chemtrail Culprits Identified? BioWarfare Countermeasures Being Tested? From Bill Hamilton 1-22-2000

Note: We originally alerted you to some of this incredible information about Chemtrails/Aerial Vaccines last month. Check here

The following was sent by a friend was this quote from 'THE SPOTLIGHT." Whether true or not, this might lead to someone doing some FOIA requests to find out. National Security Agency (NSA)...Anti-bacteriological, VIRUSES and SPORES warfare? _____ THE SPOTLIGHT Warfare Chemicals being Tested: The strange-looking streaks in the sky aren't your imagination. They are anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals being tested by the federal government. And the public has been kept in the dark. The chemical spraying to the "unconventional pathogen countermeasures program" of the top secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). NOTE : Novavax is a bio pharmaceuticals company. BCTP is made of water, soybean oil, Triton X 100 detergent and the solvent tri-n-butyl phosphate. BCTP envelops the VIRUSES and SPORES, causing them to explode and thus destroying them upon contact. http://www.spotlight.org/01_07_00/Chemicals/chemicals.html ********* Novavax, Inc. : http://www.novavax.com/ NOTE : BCTP's research studies were funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). BCTP appears to inactivate the virus on contact." The research is funded by DARPA's "Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures Program" [GO TO : http://www.darpa.mil/DSO/rd/UPC/index.html ]. The U-M and Novavax have filed a patent application covering BCTP's use as a decontamination agent for various anti-microbial applications. *** There IS an "Alien" INVADER Biological THREAT! Research and Development Areas : http://www.darpa.mil/DSO/rd/Abmt/Pathogen.html Advanced Biological and Medical Technologies: Biological Warfare Defense Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures The goal of the Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures program is to develop and demonstrate defensive technologies that afford the greatest protection to uniformed warfighters, and the defense personnel who support them, during U.S. military operations. While no defense may stop a determined adversary from unleashing biological weapon, a sufficiently robust array of pathogen defenses and countermeasures ,Dn deterrents in their own right ,Dn will reduce the probable damage that would result from biological weapons used in a particular operation. The most sinister offensive biological warfare scenario employs surprise, immediate proximity, and rapidly lethal, persistent agents in overwhelming quantities. Under these circumstances, real-time sensing, donning of physical protection, and conventional nonmedical countermeasures are only marginally effective. An effective operational defense ideally requires instantly available or emplaced countermeasures that can defeat biological threats as they enter the body and before they reach and attack target cells and tissues. The focus of the Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures program is the development of revolutionary, broad-spectrum, medical countermeasures against significantly pathogenic microorganisms and/or their pathogenic products. These countermeasures will be versatile enough to eliminate biological threats, whether from natural sources or modified through bioengineering or other manipulation. They will also have the potential to provide protection both within the body and at the most common portals of entry (e.g., inhalation, ingestion, transcutaneous). Strategies include but are not limited to: Defeat of a pathogen's ability to enter the body, traverse the bloodstream or lymphatics, and enter target tissues. Identification of novel pathogen vulnerabilities based on fundamental, critical molecular mechanisms of survival or pathogenesis (e.g., Type III secretion, cellular energetics, virulence modulation). Construction of unique, robust vehicles for the delivery of countermeasures into or within the body. Modulation of the advantageous and/or deleterious aspects of the immune response to significantly pathogenic microorganisms and/or their pathogenic products in the body. ******************************* CHEMTRAILS & THE BLACK DEATH Excerpted from: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/chemtrails/index.htm A great many people throughout Europe and other Plague stricken regions of the world were reporting that outbreaks of the Plague were caused by foul-smelling "mists". Those mists frequently appeared after unusually bright lights in the sky. The historian quickly discovers that "mists" were reported far more frequently and in many more locations than were rodent infestations. The Plague years were, in fact, a period of heavy UFO activity. ********* LUCAS : Flu comes from Outer Space, claim scientists Excerpted from : http://members.aol.com/rubie2zday/index.html#flu In a report to be published in the journal Current Science, they claim the outbreak was caused by dust deposited high in the atmosphere by passing comets being forced down to earth by energy generated by cooler patches on the sun's surface, known as sunspots. * In a report to be published in the journal Current Science, they claim the outbreak was caused by DUST deposited high in the atmosphere by passing comets being forced down to earth by energy generated by cooler patches on the sun's surface, known as sunspots. They reach the peak of their activity, the maxima, every 11 years... The latest cycle began to peak in September and the maxima is due sometime this year. -- Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc. Website: home.earthlink.net/~skywatcher22 _________ And furthermore: Maxygen Announces $6.7 Million Grant from DARPA to Develop Aerosolized Vaccines link 1-22-2000 Redwood City, CA, September 28, 1999. Maxygen announced today that it has received a $6.7 million three-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) to use its proprietary MolecularBreeding directed evolution technology (also known as "DNA Shuffling") to develop aerosol-based vaccines to protect against a broad spectrum of pathogens. Aerosol delivery of prophylactic and therapeutic agents is potentially the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect or treat humans and animals from disease epidemics. In addition to this recent DARPA grant, Maxygen is the recipient of two additional DARPA grants in the vaccine area. In February 1998, Maxygen received a $5.6 million grant to evolve novel DNA vectors for efficient delivery and expression of pathogen antigens, and in April 1999, the Company received a grant of $7.7 million to generate novel vaccine antigens for a wide range of pathogens. Maxygen, Inc., headquartered in Redwood City, CA is a private biotechnology company that is focused on the development of novel and improved commercial products using its proprietary MolecularBreeding directed evolution technology for a variety of industries including human therapeutics, chemicals, vaccines, industrial enzymes, and agriculture. The Company is the leader in nucleic acid recombination technologies for imparting new properties into single genes, multi-gene systems, pathways, vectors and genomes. Maxygen has commercial relationships with several companies including Novo Nordisk in certain areas of industrial enzymes, Pioneer Hi-Bred and ZenecaAgrochemicals for specific products in agriculture and DSM Anti-Infectives for improved manufacturing of certain classes of penicillin antibiotics. Maxygen was founded in a March 1997 spinout from Glaxo Wellcome-Affymax, led by biotech entrepreneur Alejandro Zaffaroni, and MolecularBreeding inventor Pim Stemmer.

-- wierd (@ .), January 23, 2000.

Check out for you yourself the Chemtrails: www.spotlight.org

-- Notforlong (Fsur@aol.com), January 23, 2000.

Ramona posted an AOL email address, and AOL is the largest ISP. I don't know how they allocate their IP number. Perhaps someone else can tell us. Are they randomly assigned when a user signs on or do they have blocks for a geographical area, etc?

-- Dave (dannco@hotmail.com), January 23, 2000.

I've wondered who is responsible for all these reports.

The guilty party speaks up and admits (brags). Spot light article

In the article : "The chemtrails were detected some two years ago over central Virginia. They were initially reported nationally by The SPOTLIGHT. Since The SPOTLIGHT's original report, thousands of people across the country have contacted this newspaper about the tell-tale streaks in the sky. "

So we have thousands of untrained observers who don't ordinarily look at the sky starting to do so, and reporting anything they think unusual as a chemtrail.

If I saw an actual chemtrail and actually had some evidence to prove that it was so, then I'd believe it but I sure wouldn't tell anyone -- I'd either be wasting my time as my report would be lost in a flood of such reports, or if anyone paid attention I'd be branded as a kook.

If there is a government disinformation campaign, The Spotlight is part of it whether or not that's what they intended.

I did a quick Altavista search and found a site that had some photos. I didn't see any that couldn't have other explanations.

-- Mikey2k (mikey2k@he.wont.eat.it), January 23, 2000.

Someone explain what WIERD posted. Sounds like I must get me some!


-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a Thought.com), January 23, 2000.

Well, let me tell you Mikey....yesterday I would have said "right on" but today I have gone 180 degrees. You pretty much have to see it when they start the spraying on a clear day. Once they get enuff of the stuff up there, its like cloud formations and you can't pick out the charactericis or the planes. I have seen a lot of the pictures too and they don't tell the story very well. But, all I can say is that keep your eyes to the sky and your day will come too. Its very upsetting to me. I have a pretty open mind when it comes to UFOs and their occupents, and to Big Foot, Yetti, etc. I haven't see for myself, any of those. But this I saw...chubby hubby stopped the truck in a clearing and we got out and just watched. A few minutes ago the TV showed the skies over Jacksville and the announcer at the game said he hoped that there was no weather coming in. Well...I don't think there is any weather coming in, but I do know that our chemtrails were all blowing east toward J'ville and Daytona Bch. What better place to do what ever it is that they are doing than a collesium full of thousands of people. Now...if you believe the stuff quoted above from Sightings, I guess we should all go outside and take nice deep breaths!! Who knows, this may be beneficial stuff they are spraying...but be nice to have the choice of saying, "no thank you" and stay in the house. If those that are doing the actual work of loading the tanks, making the mix, spraying the stuff think its beneficial they wouldn't have a problems keeping it a secret. But I, for one, no longer trust my gov't and they could be doing something and lying to the people actually doing the work. I don't understand why it would be so costly to anaylze this stuff. They take air samples all the time. Why couldn't someone fly though this stuff, when its quite low, and catch some air samples? Just my two cents worth, but this frightens me more than lack of oil or y2k did. At least with those one had/has some ideas of taking precautions. What am I supposed to do...wear a gasmask 24 hours a day? Taz

-- Taz (Tassi123@aol.com), January 23, 2000.

Taz, what sort of pattern were the c??trails?

-- Mikey2k (mikey2k@he.wont.eat.it), January 23, 2000.

LOL, NWO is one global gov't, with no soverign armies but just one UN force. Now how can we TPTB run bio-warfare ops in the US, and not have Americans resent other nations for posing a threat, thereby feeling compelled to keep their own sovereign defense forces?

Oh, I got it! You see, that Area 51 that we denied was um true yeah cause now your belief in it would better serve the global goal so yep and these UFO's caused the black death (disregard any prior scientific evidence, and uh you are getting sleepy, yeah, very sleepy...) and UFO's are the source of mutated earthly DNA/RNA so we need a unified global gov't to organize a unified response against these aliens...un huh...

oh, and N-SA uh I mean NASA is setting up a Mars mission to substantiate your fears, did I say "setting up"? uh, I mena staging, no! uh I mean preparing un huh...

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), January 23, 2000.

I just came back to pc and was reading responses. This is kinda weird didnt even know thay came in your E-mail.I'm really a novice to posting. But ,anyway,I still dont get the troll thing.I thought being a troll is something that you say,not where your E-mail address comes from. I'm on AOL and I guess that covers millions of people,but yet I was accused of being a troll. I guess I dont really care,just kind of irritating. Well I just was kinda freaked out be those chemtrails that I saw and had to tell someone. And ,yes, a year ago I would have never heard of them,so I wouldnt have even noticed or looked for them. My kids,actually,were the ones who ran in and told me what they were seeing outside coz they had heard me describe them. But they did seem eerie. I watched a regular jet go by and it left a thin white trail that dissappears in less than a minute. But this had 3trails coming out that converged into one. And a couple hours after it happened I went out and the whole sky was covered with a thin white cloud cover. It had started out as a beautiful bright blue day with just a couple real little puffy clouds.Now I checked just a few minutes ago and sky was finally back to normal. I'm kinda into weather and normally its either an overcast day or a blue day here in Florida. the WHOLE sky as far as I could see was overcast ,covered with whatever came out of these planes. And it never rained and now its normal. I have eyes, I can see. I dont know what is is or why they are doing it,who knows,maybe I've seen it before and never noticed. But I did notice today. I've heard a theory that its an emergency environmental project,where the govt is spraying the same stuff they use in oil spills the mend the holes in the ozone caused by all the jet exhaust.And that even though people are getting sick from it,in their minds,if it is true,the benefits outweigh the risks. I hope thats the most sinister thing that it turns out to be

-- Ramona Lee (Erica39@AOL.com), January 23, 2000.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California My Chemtrails Page

Ramona said: My husband and kids are making fun of me My son was talking about me to my mother, and said (mostly kidding, since he knows full well that these are coming from planes, too)... "She's afraid of clouds, for goodness sake!"

Taz: Welcome to the club.

Wierd: Once you've already pasted a whole article to another thread, you only need link it by providing the URL.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), January 23, 2000.

Has it occured to anyone that the easiest way to implement a chemtrail spraying program is to add something to the fuel supply? That way every airplane becomes a chemtrail sprayer, and even "normal" contrails can be chemtrails. All that is required is a scheme to add a chemical to the fuel supply. An example of this is the deadly additive MTBE, mandated to be added to gasoline and responsible for the contamination of water supplies nationwide. The recent fuel contamination problem that has affected thousands of airplanes in Australia is another example of how a fuel contaminant can have widespread impact.

Could the "anti-anthrax" agent be added to standard airline jet fuel and be effectively dispersed by this method?

In addition to inadvertant spraying by airlines, the pattern of chemtrails photographed and in evidence on several web sites (some of which have been visited by numerous government agencies on many oocasions) indicate an intentional program of blanketing urban areas with contrails possession unusual properties. (Not the least of which being the formation of large visible contrails at altitudes where contrails would not normally form, and the merging of the contrails into sky-obscuring cloud cover. Many have also observed a "dust drifting downward" effect in large chemtrail/contrails, rainbow effects when backlit, and strong odors subsequent to spraying. Others have collected physical evidence after heavy chemtrail activity, including filaments, goo, brown powder, "angel hair", apparently different aspects of a similar substance. Those who handle the substance invariably come down with life-threatening "flus." Others have noticed an upsurge in local respiratory illness (although no authenticated studies have been performed to my knowledge) following heavy contrail activity.

Some Internet journalists have also reported on scientific testing laboratory analysis of chemtrail "fallout" that reveal exotic and normally only mildly dangerous bacteria and viruses, but when examined more carefully, those pathogens betray their origin in biotech labs, including telltale markers (similar to luciferase) of genetic modification.

Another concern is that a chemical additive (banned as a pesticide hazardous to humans) added to the jet fuel. Ethylene dibromide causes respiratory distress and makes the person exposed more vulnerable to respiratory infection, courtesy of the same contrail fallout. This dovetails into my theory quite nicely.

-- Ceemeister (ceemeister@hotmail.com), January 23, 2000.

I am for the most part a lurker on this forum. I've read the contrail/chemtrail post with some skepticism and an open mind as well. Saturday,Jan. 22 I was traveling from Florence SC to the northeast on I-95 and also saw what looked like the chemtrails I've read about. My husband was driving and I watched for over an hour as we drove on the interstate. My husband dismissed the idea until we saw something unusual. It was a round patch of rainbow in the sky and it wasn't or had not been raining. He thought that was strange and I said that I had read about a rainbow effect with some of those trails. All I know is what I saw in the eastern sky in the morning hours. Did anyone else in that area see the many horizontal lines in the sky and the planes??? I also saw other jets whose trails soon vanished after the plane. There were at least a dozen trails or more. I don't know anything much about this phenononen but this was my first time to see anything lke it. Maybe the rainbow effect was just ice crystals What do you think? Sincerely, not a troll.

-- rk sager (rkcs462@aol.com), January 24, 2000.

There was only one plane spraying over the Ocala area yesterday. He crossed and cris crossed for hours. He would make a north to south pass and then he would make several east to west passes (like about 6 or 7) passes crossing over the N to S strip. The results were sort of a grid. Then later, while this stuff is all still hanging there but drifting to the east, he started in on a diagonal pattern which really closed up the spots of blue sky. This was still going on until just before dark. But it got hard to see as the whole sky was becoming just one big overcast sky. I watched this plane useing 750 Binocks and I really couldn't tell in the sunlight whether it was a white or silver plane. One minute it would look white and the next minute you could not tell. However, I did not see any color on the plane. Wish I had a really good telescope. Its raining here this moring and so I don't see anything. You could defintily tell the difference between the reg jets and this ones trail. What do the pilots of the commercial airlines think of all of this. It must make them wonder where all these contrails are coming from. And yes, this plane has to have cleaarance and be monitored on radar like any other. But unless they have changed things radically since I was flying, you were not compelled to give a reason for where you were going. This guy is above local general aviation altitudes and below the commercial planes going into and out of Orlando 85 miles south of here. The other commercials headed for Miami or countries south are even higher. I would estimate that this guy was about between 12 and 15 thousand feet. I have not flown the skies of Florida, but when I used to fly up north, about 10K feet on a warm day, things were getting cool in the cockpit. Downright cold at 15K and as my plane topped out at 26k (turbo)the heater was on most of the time when I was in the cockpit. If someone could just get to an area where they were loading these planes it would be simple enuff to get a sample of what ever it is. Or if there is HIGH security, you would know that something sinister is afoot. All we need in the 'right person at the right place" to get a sample. The corner of a hankerchief is good enuff to soak up the material....that is if it is a liquid. Taz

-- Taz (Tassi123@aol.com), January 24, 2000.

Mu point about altitudes is that things FREEZE up there!! Unless, of course its oil based. And I know this is a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGG stretch, but what about all the dolphins that are dying off the coasts of Florida? Connection? Who knows, probably not. Taz

-- Taz (Tassi123@aol.com), January 24, 2000.

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