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Doews anyone know if there is a current decoder which is compatable with the old Model Railroader magazine's home built CTC16 command control system. thanks Ross.

-- A. Ross Van Winckel (, January 22, 2000


A. Ross,

The CVP Railcommand system is an updated version of the same technology. Keith at CVP was the author and designer of the CTC16. I belive the protocol is the same with the Railcomand units. Check with Keith at CVP for exact characteristics. See the URL: http://

-- Ed McCamey (, January 22, 2000.

The CTC16 system has been replaced by the Railcommand System. Railcommand was designed in the late 1980's before the advent of the NMRA-DCC standard but is still very popular with full support and product offerings available.

For new Command Control installations, we recommend the consideration of our EasyDCC System which obeys the NMRA-DCC standard and is compatible with all DCC decoders available today.

-- Keith Gutierrez (, September 06, 2000.

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